Why you should consider looking for security cleared solution architect jobs

In the rapidly changing world of business, organisations are being forced to transform their procedures, systems and processes to satisfy emerging requirements. Throughout the digital transformation, many new areas have become vital, including the solution architect.

Solution architects are heavily involved with company data and information. As such, the need for certain sectors to hire security cleared individuals for these roles is paramount. From defence to tech and everything in between, professionals with the ability to gain such clearances are much more lucrative to recruiters and businesses alike.


What is a solution architect?


Modern problems require modern solutions. An architect is an expert responsible for the overall technical vision for a specific solution to an organisational problem. Or, in other words, these professionals bridge the gap between business problems and tech solutions.


What does a solution architect do?


A fundamental aspect of this job is analysing. This involves understanding what tech is available, how specific software can target particular issues and the ability to translate a vision into something tangible for senior leaders to comprehend and implement.

When stakeholders are satisfied with a solution, the architect will keep all parties informed and updated throughout the project. Usually, this involves a wide variety of individuals, meaning that a solution architect is often tasked with the challenge of translating complex, technical language into something easier to understand.


What are the main responsibilities of a solution architect?


The functions of a solution architect will be contingent upon the business they work for, as well as the specific project. Generally, responsibilities will include:

  • Forward-thinking, looking to the future and considering how new technologies can be implemented
  • Providing roadmaps for proposed solutions
  • Performing design and performance analysis on solutions
  • Expert project management skills to ensure solutions are kept on time, within budget and remain effective
  • Offering technical leadership to the project team throughout its lifecycle
  • Advocating for process improvements and helping develop solutions


What is the average salary for a solution architect?


Considering the amount of responsibility that comes with a security cleared solution architect position, the compensation package you could receive will be significantly higher than many other areas of work. Of course, this will depend on your location and company, but the average base pay for a solution architect in the London area was approximately £80,000 as of December 2022. 

Statistics from Glassdoor also show that it’s a wide-ranging career in terms of salary, with roles coming starting at roughly £50,000 per year, increasing upwards of £110,000 in compensation. These figures are highly contingent on specific businesses, however as a security cleared professional, you’re likely to be sitting on the higher end of the spectrum.


Where can you find solution architect jobs in the United Kingdom?


Following the digital transformation, solution architects are in high demand across all industries. However, security cleared professionals might look to explore areas such as defence, government and finance, where companies are having to deal with sensitive issues and highly classified information.

These sectors share a need for highly secure systems, programmes and applications, as they will contain some of the most sensitive and classified data. As a result, companies in these areas rely on hiring experts with the ability to gain the highest levels of security clearance before they’re offered a job.

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